Hi, My name Tom Moki and I am a proud family man and hardworking, married father of four wonderful children, Jane, Johnny, Jackson and Matt, living in San Antonio, Texas. As mentioned I love to focus on family which is why when my parents needed to move in with us three years ago due to health reasons I jumped at the opportunity to spend more time with my parents. My parents have a lot of needs and one of those needs is taking a number of pills on any given day. I always want to help my family integrate into the digital world (I have to admit my kids are usually a few steps of old dad) and pill tracking was one of my attempts at doing so. The focus of this blog will be all about my experience using the online app PillBoxer. Its a non-tech guys journey into trying to help his even less tech experienced parents take steps into the modern world in hopes of improving the welfare and lifespans of my kids grandparents. I truly feel that PillBoxer can make a difference in many families lives and want to share all my knowledge in hopes of inspiring others to get updated to the latest tools of the 21st century. While I will always try to make the blog fun and light hearted we all know that taking medicine is a very serious topic that we should also treat with utmost importance and seriousness as well. PillBoxer can enhance and save lives and this is a celebration of such a wonderful new real world application.

Pay Attention To Your Pills So Your Pills Pay Attention To You

Tom Moki