Medicine Mistakes – A Pill Picture Worth A 1000 Words

I find great value in the included article picture when trying to describe the benefits of using a medications, vitamins, and supplements iPhone and iPod touch tracker such as PillBoxer. Just the opening notes alone are startling and staggering when you think about them. 2.5 billion prescriptions a year are filled by pharmacies. 3.75 billion drugs are administered by hospitals. 1.5 million people suffer from injuries every year due to errors in prescription and pill management. Now that is a lot pills to keep track of and a lot people being hurt due nto inefficiencies in the systems and this is exactly where an application PillBoxer can come into play and reduce the amount damage being done due to poor pill oversight. Lets take a looks at some of issues mentioned in the image and theorize how PillBoxer may be able to solve some of the problems highlighted in the picture.

Wrong Medicine or Prescription Is Administered:

An app like PillBoxer could reduce wrong pill assignments through the better tracking of patient data. The app program could stay on top of what a person should and should not have and individual regulation guidelines and standards could be set from their to avoid wrongful pill administrations.

Wrong Dosage Is Assigned:

One of the best aspects of the PillBoxer app is that it can accurately track pills dosages with the utmost precision. It can remind when you have missed doses or if you are over dosing. Its an ideal way to monitor levels of pill use and goes along way towards stopping overdose.

Allergic Reactions To Pills:

One of the best aspects of PillBoxer is that it gives you a great way to track what types of pills people can and can’t have. This could potentially have tons of real world applications such as alerting a school or hospital about a child’s allergies or saving an adults life after injury in a foreign country or unfamiliar situation.

Failure To Know Proper Use of Drugs:

One of the wonderful features of the PillBoxer app is that it is an entire database of information that can quickly and easily rely usage information. It can provide user instructions and guidance at the touch of button and greatly aids in the cutting back of accidental drug miss use.

As we can see the problems that come along with pill administration are many and I believe PillBoxer is the perfect app to reduce and eliminate the many dilemmas and mistakes that come along with taking and distributing medicines.

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