Frequently Asked Blog Questions – My Personal PillBoxer FAQ

Why Did I Start This PillBoxer App Blog?

I started this blog after my parents moved into my house and we needed a way to track and manage all the pills they were required to take. I am not tech savvy at all so I wanted to create a blog for others like me to come and learn about the different new technologies I am try when it comes to taking care of my parents.

What Do I Hope To Accomplish With This PillBoxer App Blog?

I hope to make life easier for other families trying to manage illness and sick members of their households. I want to help older generations like myself embrace the new apps of the world that can make living smoother. I want to show people how far a few life tech upgrades can go towards the well being and care taking of those that are close.

How Can Participate Or Be A Part Of The PillBoxer App Blog?

I really like to hear about others experiences using the PillBoxer app so please do share your stories and what lessons you have learned from modern health technologies. If I think your insights may be helpful to other readers I am happy to add guest posts to the blog. Another way to participate is to make a Vlog or video tutorial of you or a family member using the app. I love sharing videos so send them on over!

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