Vape Myths Uncovered – 3 Common Misconceptions About Vaping and Your Health

joyetech-ego-one-ct-starter-kit-2200mah-300x299As with anything we put into our bodies we should always be concerned about what types of impact on health the consumption will cause.  From what we drink to what we eat to what we inhale anytime we consume it has the potential to harm us.  The fact of the matter is that humans are a compilation of complex components and systems that can fail for a number of reasons at anytime and what we expose our bodies to plays a huge impact on that.  We all know smoking cigarettes is bad what about this new trend of vaping?  Is it harmful?  What are the long term effects if any?  While many have championed vaping as a better alternative to smoking cigarettes there are still quit a few myths about what vaping is and how that plays into health concerns.  Lets take a look at some of the common vaping misconceptions to get a better idea of just what vaping is and some of the roles it may play when it comes to affecting the function of our bodies.

Vape Myth and Misconception Number 1: Vape Pens Are Not The Same As E-Cigarettes

Often times vape pens and vaping is confused with e-cigarettes as being the same thing and this could not be further from the truth.   E-cigarettes are made by tobacco products while vape pens like the Pax 3 vaporizer are created without anything tobacco related in mind.  Vape pens pose much much less of health risk then e-cigarettes and its important to point that out to people who are often mixed up in facts when it comes to this unfair comparison.

Vape Myth and Misconception Number 2: Vaping Done Right Has No Nicotine

While there are some vape companies and vape juice makers do put varying degrees of nicotine into there products that does not mean you have to go with those choices.  There are lots of vape juices out that actually contain no nicotine at all.  What many people do not realize is that vape juice really only has 4 simple ingredients and all of those ingredients can be organic based and have been shown to have much much less harmful effects on your health then e-cigarettes, nicotine and tobacco.  As we like to say always try to vape safe!

Vape Myth and Misconception Number 3: Vaping Does Help Cigarette Smokers To Quit.

One thing most of us know for sure is that cigarette smoking is hard thing to quit.  Regardless if we have even tried cigarettes or not it is very easy to understand the addictive properties that come along with even just from general observation of society.  Most cigarette smokers know they should quit but products like the patches and gum often do not work when it comes to fighting against the cravings and urges of smoking.  Something that is now being proven to work at a very high rate is the crossover to vaping and using a vape pen.  It gives the smoker all of the same sensations without all the hurtful health consequences.  The main point is vaping is not nearly as bad as most think and there is actually a lot good that come from it when used as a tobacco deterrent.  A great way to learn more about vaporizers if by reading up on studies and guides like the Pax 3 reviews.